Buying Flowers Vs Growing Flowers

Today is Mother's Day.  I don't normally do flowers for Mother's Day as it's too early in the season for home grown flowers, but, this year I thought I would give it a go.  This meant buying all the flowers from a wholesaler. 


My season starts in April and carries on until mid October.  I went on line and browsed through all the different flowers that were available and once I had decided on my scheme I placed an order.  I managed to get mostly British grown but some were Dutch.  My theme came about from first deciding on a beautiful British grown yellow rose and the rest followed.  They were delivered a couple of days later, ready to be conditioned and arranged for mother's day. Easy, you might say.  Definitely what my husband, Jeff said. He said, 'why do you go to all the trouble of planting seeds, bulbs and plants with all the hard work that entails when you can just sit in front of a computer and order your flowers?'. 


I have to agree, he's got a point but it didn't give me the same satisfaction and thrill that I get from arranging my own flowers - flowers that I have grown and tended for months. Even though the flowers that I bought were all perfect, with straight stems and pretty much identical they do not have the character of home grown flowers.  They don't have the crooked stems, the variety or the scent.  There's nothing like going out in the morning to pick flowers for weddings, or the look on the bride to be's face when she comes over to look around the garden and actually see the flowers growing and then seeing them in her bouquet.

So, even though it's hard work and being out in all weathers - it is definitely worth it.  There's nothing like planting seeds and waiting patiently for them to germinate before potting on - maybe 2 or 3 times before finally planting them out in the garden.  I also enjoy taking cuttings and getting excited when they take root.  Along with all the nice things there's also the weeding, the digging and pruning but I wouldn't change anything.  I love my flowers - the variety, the colours and the scent.

So growing wins hands down.  Who wants an easy life.