From the garden to the wedding


After such a long winter and the daily walks around the cutting garden looking for any sign of the hundreds of tulips and narcissi bulbs that I had planted at the end of last year, they finally appeared.  They were a few weeks later than the previous year but when they bloomed they were wonderful and are only just coming to an end now.  I was really happy to be able to use them as the main flower for 4 weeks of weddings. 

As they are coming to an end the early summer flowers are starting to bloom - cornflower, white lace flower, alliums, aquilegias, lupins, clematis and more.  The peonies and roses are close to flowering as well.  So exciting, can't wait to use them for the summer weddings.  Here are a few photos from a wedding a few weeks ago.  They show the flowers still growing in my cutting garden on Thursday morning and all arranged and ready to be delivered 15 miles away to the wedding venue on the Saturday morning.  I'm so pleased that about 95% of the flowers came from my garden.