I have always loved gardening.  Before moving to Hen Dy I lived in a little cottage with my two lovely daughters.  I had a tiny garden, which I crammed full of flowers, every inch was planted, as well as window boxes and hanging baskets.  I moved to Hen Dy in 2004 and now have a huge garden.  I would say that the garden will always be "work in progress" as I always aim to add and make changes to it whenever possible.  Jeff, my husband, loves to go around and round on his sit on mower while I do all the hard work of digging, planting and weeding (only joking).  He's very good though.  A couple of years ago he fenced off a stretch of the field and built raised beds for my cutting garden, as well as putting up the poly tunnel.  


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I have a dog called Jack, a beagle, who usually keeps me company while I'm in the garden.  He used to have a habit of stealing underwear and planting them in the garden amongst my flowers.  Thankfully he has grown out of that now.